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The company ``Blue Whale`` was created to implement a full cycle of startup projects. The main direction is the structuring and commercialization of innovative technological projects and infrastructure support for the transfer of the product to industry and market. Also, we provide the creation and provision of the necessary resources to give a new impetus to the development of already existing projects.

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It’s the most important stage of positioning a proposal or project in the field of high technology. Expertise is also used by the authors of the proposals, who look for access to strategic partners; investors, who seek to reduce financial risks; industrial enterprises, business structures and regional administration authorities, which are aimed at participating in innovative reforms.

Potential customers of the Center for Technology Services are companies that actively create and implement an intellectual property in the field of nanotechnology, which require the use of expensive equipment and qualified assistance in the realization of projects.

The business plan is the main document. The decision to support the project by any investor is taken on its basis. The business plan allows you to organize the economic activities of the company for the near and distant periods in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of the necessary resources obtainment.

Many enterprises, research organizations, and inventors need money. They experience a number of difficulties due to the absence of it. However, this does not mean that financial structures do not have specific difficulties. There is a serious task for selecting objects for investment. In those cases when the innovative project of the enterprise is fulfilled sufficiently well, it remains an equally important task, to find an investor.

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